The Seed by Karl Waller

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Karl Waller
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Lady Cop Cat Eats Rat by Karmaikel

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Young Captain Adventure Caught in the Act by Bart Sears, Keith Fiffen

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Keith Giffen
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Jasmin St Claire by Kevin Breyfogle

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Kevin Breyfogle
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Agape by Kevin Herault

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Kevin Herault
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Scion 1 The Hunter by George Caragonne, Kevin Nowlan

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Kevin Nowlan
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Between The Lines by Kevin Taylor

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Kevin Taylor
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The Schlong of Solomon by King James, Stan Timmons

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King James
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Big Funnies 1 by Kjartan Arnorsson

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Kjartan Arnorsson
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Blood Lust by Kono Yaro

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Kono Yaro
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11001 Strokes by Kussomoto

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Yuppies Rednecks and Lesbian Bitches on Mars 1 by Kyle Goulet, Rob Kalmbach

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Kyle Goulet
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